Meet the Judds

My wife, Jill, and I have been involved in China, and particularly the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, off and on since 2002. In fact, she and I actually met in the capital of Inner Mongolia, China in 2006. So, for us this region holds a special place in our hearts.  We have seen it change and develop over time and we hope to continue being a part of helping this region grow and develop.

We spent years studying the language and culture.  Then several years ago we opened a consulting business in Hohhot to help Chinese companies and individuals grow and develop by bringing and adapting western methods to improve their business.  We also help American companies and individuals make the adjustment to working and living successfully in China.

Our company works and consults mainly in the areas of business, agribusiness, and education.

Email us and tell us what you are doing in China.

自2002年以来,我和我妻子 Jill分别都跟中国有不解的情缘,特别是跟内蒙古自治区。实际上我跟她是于2006年在内蒙古的首府呼和浩特相识的,所以这个地方于我们而言在心里占据着特殊的位置。我们见证着这座城市随着时间的推移产生变化和发展,并且我们也希望参与其中成为帮助它发展和成长的一部分。